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Name: Henry Ding
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Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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BESN-Expert in energy saving lightingShenzhen BoSheng Opto-electronics Co, Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and OEM of electronic HID ballast and high-efficiency solar lighting system Our history and experience in researching and manufacturing these products is nearly seven years till now The tens of thousands of our products have been successfully applied in the whole world, which is the best testing and evidence of their top quality and high reliability Together with you, we are very ready to start the new field of the energy saving causes for the whole world We are manufacturing the following products1, Solar lighting system and solar street lighting system2, Electronic ballast for low pressure sodium LPS lamps AC110V-220V, DC12V-36V, 18W-180W3, Electronic ballast for high pressure sodium HPS lamps AC110V-220V, 35W-750W4, Electronic ballast for metal halide MH lamps AC110V-220V, 35W-750W5, Electronic ballast for DC fluorescent lamps and UV lamps6, Various HID lamps and lighting fixtures with electronic ballast included 7, OEM of the above products

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